Friday, 1 February 2013

Reflex Foam - What is this?

Reflex foam is name given to a type of medium-firm high density polyurethane foam. It is often used in orthopaedic mattresses and is considered by some to be a cheaper alternative to memory foam. Although it shares the same ‘spring back into shape’ characteristic of memory foam – hence the ‘reflex’ name - but essentially it’s important to distinguish the difference between the two materials as they are by no means the same product.

The average memory foam mattress has millions of tiny holes, and air escapes from these as the mattress foam moulds around the body. This action is activated by pressure and body heat, and results in a foam mattress that offers total independent support without pressure points.

Reflex foam, like memory foam, is also high density, but is constructed in a different way with larger bubbles. When pressure is applied to the bubbles, they act in a similar way to water in a balloon – the air does not escape, and is just displaced ‘sideways’. Once pressure is relieved, the bubbles spring back into shape and the mattress regains its shape.

It’s for this reason that the reflex foam mattress is popular as an orthopaedic mattress, as it offers a firm but comfortable mattress option.


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