Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The "Do"s and "Don't"s of Mattress Care

Mattress DON'Ts

  • DON’T fold your mattress. - The spring unit inside your mattress will be damaged and the tufts may be pulled through the cover if it is bent or rolled. As well as invalidation of your guarantee it will badly affect the comfort of the mattress.

  • DON’T use as a trampoline. - Jumping on the bed will cause irreparable damage to the cover, springs and divan.

  • DON’T use your mattress on old worn divans. - Using an old worn divan, will affect or even damage the longevity of your new mattress.

  • DON’T sit on the edge of your mattress. - If you sit on the edge of your mattress for prolonged periods, this causes compression of the mattress fillings and causes damage to the mattress walls.

Mattress DO’s

  • DO turn or rotate your mattress. - To keep your mattress in pristine condition and allow for even filling settlement and comfort, turn or rotate in keeping with details in the care instructions.

  • DO let your mattress breathe. - After unwrapping your bed from its packaging, leave it uncovered for a few hours to allow any condensation and odour to escape. Carefully dispose of the protective polythene covers as they can pose a danger to small children.

  • DO use a mattress protector. - For health and hygiene and in order to avoid discolouration and marking of your mattress, We recommend the use of a washable mattress protector. Any staining will void your guarantee.

  • DO clean your mattress regularly. - Your new bed should be brushed or vacuumed (using the upholstery attachment) every month to keep it fresh. You should pay particular attention to the tuft buttons, as dust tends to settle there.

  • DO check the castors. - Periodically check the castors on the divan to ensure they are secure.

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